Photo courtesy of IndieCade

Photo courtesy of IndieCade

Greg “Banov” Lobanov (that’s me) is a crazy awesome game designer from Philadelphia, Pennsylania.

I’ve been making games since I was a teeny little kid, and I’ve been focusing on video games since (roughly) 2005. I’m interested in making all sorts of games, but my work tends to be characterized by simple mechanics and certain amounts of whimsy. Lately I’ve been focused on making interesting mobile/desktop games. Check out my works page if you want to see some of my stuff!

On this site I’ll be posting about my status and process on projects as well as miscellaneous musings on games I’ve played or game design in general. And probably other stuff too.

“Dumb and Fat Games” is the company I own and publish my games through. The name started as an in-joke and was gradually built into my bona fide websona. My use of the name isn’t meant to be mean or derogatory; mainly, it’s a reminder to myself not to take anything too seriously. As someone who’s devoting their life to making video games, I think it’s important to always hold on to some fun and silliness.