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Quick Phantasmaburbia Update

Since originally posting Phantasmaburbia, I’ve been pushing out small updates making little fixes and changes to match complaints and speed/gfx issues. I’ve just now uploaded what I *think* is the final bugfix version.


The total list of fixes IS (as I remember it):
-Expanded config options including scaling, a toggle for high detail gfx, and music volume
-New battle transition that renders easier
-New run animation
-Faster walking/run speeds
-New background effects in Spirit Tunnels
-Some optimization of effects (particularly focused on lighting effects in indoor areas)
-Slight dialog edits for brevity and clarity

IF you played it before and had issues with speed, gfx or anything else listed above, I encourage you to try it out again and let me know if it plays well for you now. Even if things are still running slow or looking bad, you at least have the option of turning stuff off to make it work.

Get it at GameJolt!
Or… Get it at YoYoGames!

What this now means is I’ll be comfortably pushing forward with more content creation. When the final final version of the game is ready and for sale, I don’t think I’ll publicly release any gameplay aside from what is present now. BUT, in the intervening time I’ll probably put out another demo or two for testing and feedback purposes, so what that translates to is you’ll get to play more of the game’s content for free if you keep an eye out and play these little demos as I build up to the game’s completion.

Here’s a parting screenshot of what’s to come…


PS… Watch this site closely for the next week or so to catch the release of Pollushot on the iTouch/Android app stores!!

Phantasmaburbia First Demo!

Happy Easter! Here’s approx. 30 minutes of Phantasmaburbia gameplay!


Get it at GameJolt!
Or… Get it at YoYoGames!

This is my current major project, an RPG set in an modern American suburb with ghosts and evil spirits as the antagonists. I’m really excited about it! For now you can play the game for free, but when it’s all finished up I’ll be selling the final product for a small fee (probably less than $10). I’m looking for reactions and opinions on what I have so far so I can improve the game, so please leave feedback!

And for those who missed it: I released Crazy Over Goo flash just a couple days ago!
PLAY IT HERE (Newgrounds!)
We’re trying to get some good recognition on Newgrounds, so please support us by voting “5”! Thanks!

Crazy Over Goo FLASH and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Finally, it becomes publicly available! CRAZY OVER GOO FLASH VERSION.
PLAY IT HERE (Newgrounds!)
PLAY IT HERE (Steakface!)


It’s got 63 levels now, a heavily expanded level editor, more unlockables (costumes, custom colors), completely redone graphics, time attack mode… I don’t think I can remember everything we added. Play it!

I redid all of the graphics, reworked levels, made new ones, and other misc. design minutia. The real gold medal for this one goes to Kristian Macanga, who reprogrammed it from scratch and did the sales and worked to add all the crazy cool new features. Follow him on Twitter! And for other Game Maker users, hit him up if you’re interested in getting your game(s) ported.

PS: Phantasmaburbia is going really well. Once I catch a break from schoolwork (I’m missing class now just to write this post!) and can work in a few last touches, I’ll be putting out a free demo. Keep your eyes peeled!

PPS: Pollushot is tentatively scheduled to be submitted to the iApp store on April 29. Pretty soon! This could be pushed back though. But here’s something even cooler: it’s coming to the Android app store as well!

Get pumped.

And the Title Is…


Thanks Alex Stiskal! Let’s celebrate with the first screenshot of battle!

You’ll find that it plays a lot like Dubloon, with a number of refinements. Looking forward to sharing more down the road! Keep your eyes peeled for a free demo or two as I get more of the game together.

Title Needed Phase 2

Okay, I narrowed down the list of suggestions to just these few which I like. Let me know in the comments which one you like best! Think also about which one you’d want to play the most.

Suburban Haunt,
Spirit Siege,
Suburban Souls,
Battle Against the Underworld,
Urban Souls

Title Needed

Let’s start with a new screenshot (click):

…and then get down to brass tax. I’ve made some good headway into the game, done all the major introductory stuff (first ~10 mins of gameplay). Now I’m asking for any help anyone can offer in coming up with an actual title for it! If you have any ideas or like anything listed below, please do respond either in the comments or twitter or whatever. If you need a refresher o what the game’s all about, read about it here.

Words I’m thinking of are “ghost,” “spirit,” “neighborhood,” “town,” “suburb,” “suburban,” “home,” “burb,” “specter,” “phantasm,” “haunt,” “soul,” “underworld.” (though many of those words are clunky and long).

Here are some ideas (though I’m not particularly attached to any…)
Ghost Town
Suburban Haunt
Suburban Underworld
Battle Against the Underworld
Suburban Shadow
Urban Souls
Suburban Souls
Spirit Siege
I will perioidically update this list as I get suggestions I like. If you like one of these let me know in the comments.

March 20th, 2011
Comments Off on Welcome to Owl Creek!

Welcome to Owl Creek!

Just wanted to share some more information about the RPG I’m working on. If you follow me closely on Twitter you’ve probably seen a lot of this already.

Here’s a map of Owl Creek, the setting for the game. All of the events of the game will take place in this small region. From a young age I’ve found suburbs and their forestation very explorable, and I hope to evoke that with exploration in the actual game.

I’m planning to have the soundtrack done by Jason Covenant AKA Prophecy, the same composer I’m used to working with. I’m going to be using more of his full orchestrated work a la Escape from the Underworld, and I’ll definitely be pulling a lot from his newer music that he’s been posting to his website.
This will be the main battle theme.
This will also be a battle theme.

Most of my focus thus far has been on planning the game, so barely any real content’s been made yet. Part of this is due to school making me pretty busy in the closing week(s) of this past semester. As of now I’m on break, so hopefully I’ll find the time to really push the game forward.

Announcing my Next Big Project…

(Click to enlarge)

A role-playing game set in a modern American suburban town.
Ghosts and evil spirits begin to appear all over town, corresponding with the impending reincarnation of a transdimensional demon. A group of teens, armed with weapons found in their homes and assisted by spirits of their ancestors or former residents of their homes, set out to prevent the rise of this evil being.

The engine is based on Dubloon with a number of changes and upgrades. I’m setting out to make this story my best and most exciting yet. This is going to be my first commercial PC game; I’m currently planning to charge $3 for the final product. I still need to research what my options are for distribution and such.

My goal is to have the game finished by September 2011. Start saving up! 🙂

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