October 20th, 2013
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Halloween Livestream

Hey y’all!

Just a heads up: on Halloween day, October 31, at 12pm EST, I’m going to livestream a developer commentary playthrough of Phantasmaburbia. I’m not expecting a huge turnout or anything, but, I think I’ll appreciate having the recording, and also the experience of playing through the game again. I’m a bit nervous, having left it mostly unexamined since it came out almost one year ago.

Also, sorry this has been my only post in so long! I’ve been oppressively busy working on a number of things which I can’t really share, yet. Least of which is Coin Crypt, unfortunately, though I’ve pittered a bit on the dev blog for that game in the meantime if you haven’t seen that. I suppose with what success Perfection has had, I definitely haven’t felt nearly as rushed to produce something to the public again. And I think, for now, that is a good thing for me, because I’m really enjoying the things I’m working on. Just know that there is more coming.¬†Always.

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