I Biked Across America!

4 and a half months ago, I started pedaling with my friends from my apartment in Philadelphia across America. I was pretty clueless and naive but excited to throw myself at this thing that seemed impossible if only to see just how far I could take it.

Since then, I rode over 5000 miles across the USA; down the east coast, through the south, up the west coast. My friends went home but I made many new ones in the meantime and got into all kinds of adventures. Every day was a new place, new people, new challenges. My bike and everything I owned was stolen at one point, and so I continued on a cheap bike from Walmart.

Yesterday I reached my final destination, San Francisco. This adventure is over! 🙂 I have a lot of feelings about this, some of which I’ll talk about next week when I speak at the Game Developers Conference (and should be a video on the Internet soon after). But I wanted to take a moment, in the moment, to say a couple things about it.

One: this wouldn’t have been possible without the deluge of positivity and goodwill I got on a daily basis from friends, family, and even strangers on the road. There were many times that really challenged me and days that seemed like they’d be my last, but I always found refuge in the goodness of strangers or the support of faraway friends. I really want to thank everybody. I feel indebted to the whole universe, and I plan to spend the rest of my life paying it forward with good deeds of my own.

Two: if there’s one thing I want people to take away from my journey, I think I want it to be about just how impossible it seemed when I set off. Biking across America is something that nobody expected out of me, the guy who spent his life up to that point in front of a computer making games. This wasn’t the story of a guy who went and performed at this thing he was born to do; it’s the story of a guy who decided to go and do this thing he was never supposed to do, that nobody thought he could do, and then somehow succeeding through force of will. To me this adventure has been reassuring that the only difference between our wildest ambitions and reality manifest is our willingness to spit in the face of fate and write the story ourselves.

I love you all. Happy Tuesday!

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2 responses to “I Biked Across America!”

  1. eric hites says:

    I am riding across america too to win back my wife and to lose weight. I am 550 pounds. I start my trip in June, no money no real plan other than a general route from maine to indiana to kansas city then down route 66 to cali. Anything I should watch for? I saw your stuff was stolen, any advice? How did you fun it? I am leaving with a guitar and a bike and peanut butter and ramen lol. I have a website in hopes someone buys a meal sometimes lol. I am video blogging the whole way and writing a book for the adventure. I plan to interview cool people I meet and document cool places I visit for the book. I’ve been published before so it will help a bit lol. “Everybody Loves Ramen” is my book, you can still get it on amazon. Let me know what you think. Fat guy across America

    • Greg says:

      Good luck dude!!! My bike was stolen because I slept in a shady place and didn’t lock it–was too used to being out in the desert. I had some money saved up from game stuff but for the most part lived very frugally. Peanut butter is GREAT but ramen is not going to give you a lot of energy for biking.

      Again: good luck!!!!!!