April 6th, 2016
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Mother 3 Soundtrack

An unusual post for my site, but I wanted to share these files of the Mother 3 soundrack, all 250 songs ripped from the game in good quality mp3. All the music is credited to Shogo Sakai.

I’m doing this because this is one of my all-time favorite game soundtracks, but finding it in mp3 was very hard. The best offering I could find is on starmen.net in the OGG format, which many popular music players (iTunes, spotify) don’t support. Outside of there, all the other mp3 copies I could find were of poor quality, or had since vanished. So I took the time to convert starmen’s OGGs to mp3 and re-upload it myself. The files’ track number information is messed up, but it’s otherwise the best available version of the soundtrack I know of.

Nintendo has released official albums in the form of Mother 3i and Mother 3+, both of which are wonderful and worth supporting. But they only scratch the surface of all the music buried in this beautiful game, and they took care to clean up the sound whereas I prefer the remember the music as I heard it from my game boy. There’s 250 songs here, 6 hours which they somehow fit into a gameboy advance cart–and it is all worth listening to.

I love so much about this music, its melodies, its dense use of leitmotif, the vivid imagery it casts, its willingness to score even the smallest moments in the game… If you’ve never played the game or heard the music, maybe now’s the time. Here are some recommended tracks, if you’re trying to sample what there is here. I put an asterisk (*) next to the ones which I suspect are more personal choices/lesser known.

  • 005 – Alec’s Log House*
  • 033 – Gentle Rain
  • 045 – MOTHER 3 Love Theme (staple song)
  • 058 – Magypsy Party
  • 070 – Mind of a Thief
  • 088 – Misplaced Revenge (staple song)
  • 098 – Open Sesame Tofu!
  • 109 – Monkey’s Delivery Service (a whimsical tune for one of the game’s most heartbreaking moments)
  • 123 – Hotel Yado*
  • 140 – Intense Guys
  • 158 – Wasteful Anthem
  • 180 – The Green Train’s Fun, Too!*
  • 191 – Mr. Saturn Theme Z
  • 196 – Volcano! Inferno!*
  • 198 – Coffee Break
  • 208 – Like Looking For a Dropped Pickle*
  • 213 – Life’s An Inner Circle Gap* (imo the most interesting rendition of the most prominent leitmotif in the game)
  • 222 – Leder’s Gymnopedie* (It’s gymnopedie no. 1)
  • 226 – Samba de Combo
  • 227 – Hippo*
  • 237 – Time Passage (awesome throwback song)
  • 238 – A Certain Someone’s Memories (awesome throwback song)
  • 242 – Master Porky’s Theme (staple song, climax battle)

I’m sure anyone else familiar with the OST would have a lot of additions + cuts they’d make on this list. There’s just so much here, which speaks very personally to so many different people, you can’t really make an honest or complete “best of” list (which is why I felt unsatisfied by the official releases). Listen for yourself and discover your own favorites 🙂

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