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Perfection. Awards & Accolades

Oh boy!

With the release of the new update, Perfection. was put on the front page of the iTunes app store, as a “New and Noteworthy.” It’ll be there for a few more days. This is super exciting, and has done a lot for the revenue of the game. This is my first self-published title that’s actually turned a profit, so… smiles all around! I might just be able to keep on doing this. 🙂

Perfection. was also nominated as Philadelphia’s Indie Game of the Year at the Philly Geek Awards this week! As a Philly resident, I couldn’t be prouder. The awards are in August. I’ll get to dress up and act important!

And the new exposure’s put the game in the hands of lots of critics. That means a bunch of new reviews have gone up, all very good! My favorites were on TouchArcade and 148Apps, but you can see all of them at the foot of the website.

I promised news on the Next Thing, and it’s still coming! The new game is basically ready to be shown off, but I keep wanting to make little changes. I blame my time at E3 for delaying me a little.  I’ve also been busy with a pile of paid freelance work, which I guess I’m still not really used to managing yet. I promise it’s coming, OK? 🙂

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2 responses to “Perfection. Awards & Accolades”

  1. misterrpg says:

    I noticed you said not to be disappointed so I guess there’s an RPG in the works. Dubloon is still my favorite GameMaker game and one of the best indie games, period so I have a lot of respect and hope in your next RPG (whenever that is.)

    I’m glad Perfect is turning out to be a profit for you.

    Can you answer me something? How many free codes can you give out for one of your iOS apps? I’m curious.