Phantasmaburbia First Demo!

Happy Easter! Here’s approx. 30 minutes of Phantasmaburbia gameplay!


Get it at GameJolt!
Or… Get it at YoYoGames!

This is my current major project, an RPG set in an modern American suburb with ghosts and evil spirits as the antagonists. I’m really excited about it! For now you can play the game for free, but when it’s all finished up I’ll be selling the final product for a small fee (probably less than $10). I’m looking for reactions and opinions on what I have so far so I can improve the game, so please leave feedback!

And for those who missed it: I released Crazy Over Goo flash just a couple days ago!
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9 responses to “Phantasmaburbia First Demo!”

  1. orange08 says:

    Phantasmaburbia went extremely too slow for my tastes :L

  2. Banov says:

    Slow in what way? A number of people were having lag issues…

  3. Seth says:

    I love it so far! The music fits well, and the story is good so far. Yoshi seems to move a little too slow, even when he’s running, but that’s probably just lag. I can’t wait to play more!

  4. Nathan says:

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  5. Nathan says:

    Really enjoyed the demo, man! The special system is really cool in that it’s got good risk/reward strategy potential. And also I had fun shaking the katana hahaha. And the enemy names are great so far. What kind of damage does Fear ghost do? I killed him before he attacked me because he only used Defense Up.
    Also the’re my hero hahah. I’m assuming the run/walk system will be used for puzzle/obstacle solving like in dubloon but is there any way we could make it a toggle?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I liked the demo very much. I found Moshi to be a particularly engaging character so far, you’ve really nailed his personality.

    I found the pace of the story to be just right, not too fast not too slow. The music added to the ambiance and feel perfectly.

    The combat was great. I particularly liked the katana power up thing – very original.

    The ONE thing I could pick on would be the running animation. It seems a bit awkward in comparison to the walking one. It’s just a little thing and didn’t affect my enjoyment, but it might be worth changing if you agree with me and have the time 🙂

    I noticed some people were experiencing lag. It worked perfectly for me, I had 60/60 FPS the whole time. If it interests you, I was running it on windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

    It took me up until the point where the demo ended to realize how much I was enjoying the game, I’ll definitely be buying it!


  7. Anonymous says:

    Running seemed a bit stiff, and some variation on houses (perhaps two-five different styles or colors) wouldn’t hurt, but overall, I love it. 😀

  8. Eein says:

    Wow, I really liked it. Ran fine on mine and it has a superb atmosphere. It’s right up there with Dubloon on my list. Kudos to you mate!

    9/10 Even though it’s just a demo…

  9. I appreciated the nods to Arcade Fire and Earthbound, but I couldn’t fight the (probably Ghost) enemy in the room. It gave me an error message. I’m rather interested in playing the game, but I’d appreciate some sort of help.