November 17th, 2012
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Phantasmaburbia Sale Extended + Some Sales Info

Hiya, guys!

We recently passed the 2-week anniversary of when Phantasmaburbia came out. Yippee! I’m just now stating to feel like I’ve fixed all of the game bugs :} Sales haven’t been doing super great, so I’m *extending* the launch sale to November 24, because I can! Some big sites only recently posted about us, so I also think it’s fair to give some chance to those who are still only just discovering us.

Here are some of the places we’ve been posted at!

Pixels or Death – A more detailed review of the game, and quite positive!
Indie Game Mag
JayIsGames – another long-form review, this one focused more on gameplay

Overall a pretty good take-in, though I’m not near satisfied yet. for now I’m focusing on the Mac port, and hoping to come out swinging with a sort of second launch to try and get more press and sales.

Speaking of sales!

We’ve sold about 90 copies so far. This is not as much as I wanted to sell, but it isn’t entirely tragic either. At this point I can comfortably pay my rent and food for the duration of time I think it’ll take me to finish the port. Then I’ll probably need something bigger sales-wise to keep me going for long enough to finish another game. Or I may have to pick up another job to make those ends meet. We’ll see.

Aside from surviving, my other goal is to get myself to the Game Developer’s Conference 2013, as I was able to do in 2012 with money from Pollushot. Shortly before Phanta came out I bought a pass, though now I’m worried I won’t have money to get a plane ticket in time as well. It’s an unfortunate position to be in, having to make these sorts of decisions, but this is the path I chose when I decided to make a game like this. ;p

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