Post-E3 Briefing, My Next Project

I was at E3!!! Here are some HOT PICS from the conference, and also some of the nice places I saw in LA.

Perfection. demoed extremely well, I met lots of cool developers and important people, and all was good! Now that I’m back, I’m working on putting out a new update for Perfection. It’s all ready, just waiting to jump through some certification hoops. Managing multiple platforms of releases for a game is time consuming x-x But once that drops (hopefully next week), I want to be DONE with all work on Perfection., and move on full force to my next thing, already well underway.

If things go as planned, I’ll something free and playable to show for the new game this month. Here’s a screenshot!

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2 responses to “Post-E3 Briefing, My Next Project”

  1. misterrpg says:

    I was hoping for a new RPG, although this looks interesting.

    How did you get invited to E3? Was your trip paid for?

    • admin says:

      Well, don’t get too disappointed just yet! 😉

      I submitted Perfection to the IndieCade festival, and they selected it to be brought to E3. I had less than two weeks’ notice! They provided the badge and registration, but I had to take care of travel and hotel. It worked out because I had people to stay with and some help from elsewhere with the plane fees.