Title Needed Phase 2

Okay, I narrowed down the list of suggestions to just these few which I like. Let me know in the comments which one you like best! Think also about which one you’d want to play the most.

Suburban Haunt,
Spirit Siege,
Suburban Souls,
Battle Against the Underworld,
Urban Souls

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16 responses to “Title Needed Phase 2”

  1. danyukhin says:

    I like Phantasmaburbia the most! No reason tho =]

  2. Xerron says:

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  3. Xerron says:

    I am kind of leaning on Specterhood, though Phantasmaburbia is peculiarly appealing.

  4. Mark says:

    I like Suburban Souls because it just sound good

  5. Anonymous says:

    Suburban souls. It just flows well

  6. Haris Mujkic says:

    Spirit Siege – epic really

  7. Phantasmaburbia – Sounds a bit silly for what I assume is a relatively serious game (i.e. it doesn’t feature a dinosaur on a treadmill)
    Suburban Haunt – Bit dull
    Spirit Siege – Nice rhythm to it, appropriate and sounds pretty cool
    Suburban Souls – The ‘Souls’ part seems a little forced when speaking it out loud… Nice rhythm though
    Specterhood – Very nice rhythm – sounds nice when you say it out loud; maybe a little vague…
    Battle Against the Underworld – Sounds far too generic/uninteresting
    Urban Souls – Like ‘Suburban Souls’, except not as rhythmic

    I don’t think I could pick one, but the top three which I like are: Spirit Siege, Specterhood & Suburban Souls.

  8. Some Random Guy says:

    I’d say Specterhood, it sounds pretty dang unique.

    Phantasmaburbia sounds kinda silly.

    You already have a game with “the Underworld” in its name and it may give people the idea that it’s a sequel or something.

    Spirit Siege and (Sub)urban Haunt/Souls sound like generic names for flash games on Kongregate or Newgrounds or [Insert flash game website of preference here].

  9. orange08 says:

    Spirit Siege – sounds like a good title ._.

  10. Seth says:

    I like Specterhood as well.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Suburban Souls

  12. ninjutsu63 says:

    I actually like Suburban Haunt best. I like the word Haunt, and suburban is pretty cool too.

    Phantasmaburbia sounds kind of strange, and would be difficult to look up.
    Spirit Siege sounds a little generic, more like a high fantasy game.
    Suburban Souls is also nice, but the names which end with ‘souls’ all remind me of the PS3 game Demon’s Souls, and the unreleased sequel Dark Souls.
    Specterhood doesn’t really do much for me.
    Battle Against the Underworld sounds rather generic, and as someone mentioned you already have a game with underworld in the title.
    Urban Souls doesn’t really sound as interesting as suburban souls.

    So Suburban Haunt would be my first pick, and then Suburban Souls.

  13. ...Sid... says:

    undoubtedly, the best!

  14. Mr.Kio says:

    Oh for the love of whatever deity you fancy – Pick Specterhood!

    Phantasmburbia – Way to complicated for people with lazy English skills.

    Suburban Souls sounds ridiculous!

    Spirit Siege just screams “Tower Defense”. Big nono.

    Specterhood – Reminds you of the good old movies from the 80’s, which gives it a nostalgic feel, and it flows well, looks good… Simply perfect.

  15. Codebox says:

    Hey Banov! Your new game seems interesting. Maybe I’m late, but what do you think this as a title: “How To Haunt A Ghost”!?

  16. Banov says:

    Specterhood would be great if it didn’t have a couple misleading connotations. The wording makes me think of “the ‘hood,” which sounds wannabe ghetto or something. It also sounds like “specterhood” as in “godhood,” which might make you think you play as a ghost or something.

    If this were the same game, but you control a ghost and you’re in the ghetto, then Specterhood would be the best title undoubtedly.