What is Coin Crypt?

A roguelike card game about lootmancers who can unlock the hidden power inside of coins and use them in magical duels.


Coin Crypt is available on Steam Early Access right now! Get it to support the developer while they work on the game, and give feedback to help make

it even better!


Roguelike structure: randomly generated levels and permanent death!


Unlockable character classes that each play differently!


One of those classes is a monkey! (!!!!!)


Constant tension: You always need to spend coins to get more coins


A grandma that packs a whollop!


SECRETS! (duh)

Meet the Team
Greg Lobanov
Design and Development
Kat Angeloni
Tyler Myers

Inspired by the Nexus City prototype by Terry Cavanagh,

Spelunky by Derek Yu, and the card game Dominion